In case you were ever curious, here are all the different types of transit service that I've ridden over the course of my life. I fully understand that I am one of the few people who would actually be interested in reading about someone else's transit rides. Since I usually get embarrassed and feel like a tourist taking photos of the train/bus, most of these photos are from Wikimedia Commons. Please let me know if I misattributed any of the photos here.

I grouped these all mostly by geographic location as opposed to chronological order.

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Washington D.C. Area

DC Metro

DC Metro Red Line Train
PC: Ben Schumin via Wikimedia Commons


PC: MJW15 via Wikimedia Commons

Ride On Bus

Ride On Bus
PC: Ben Schumin via Wikimedia Commons


CTA 'L' (Rail)

The CTA was the first time I ever actually sat down and wrote the time I left each day and the time I arrived. I wish I still had the data for that three month period, although it was pretty boring to be honest. The train was a consistent 1 minute late every day during rush hour, which is fine given they don't post an external schedule. There were a couple disaster days when several trains didn't come, but 20-30 minute waits during rush hour only happened twice during the three month period.
CTA Train
PC: Me!


CTA Articulated Bus
PC: Kevin Zolkiewicz via Flickr


Metra Electric Train
PC: LHOON via Flickr


Septa Regional Rail

Septa Regional Rail Train
PC: Sturmovik via Wikimedia Commons


METRO Blue Line

PC: Me!

New York City


NYC Subway
PC: AEMoreira042281 via Wikimedia Commons

Long Island Rail Road

PC: AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek via The Courier

AirTrain JFK

AirTrain JFK
PC: Guam~commonswiki via Wikimedia Commons


M15 SBS Bus
PC: Fan Railer via Wikimedia Commons

NYCT Regular Bus

NYCT M20 Bus
PC: Me!

PATH Train

This is mostly just to go to New Jersey, but I thought I would add it here since it connects NYC and Jersey until I've taken NJ Transit.
PC: Trevor Logan via Wikimedia Commons

New Orleans

NORTA Streetcar

PC: Me!


Link Light Rail

Link Light Rail_Erik Jensen
PC: Me!

King Country Metro Bus

PC: Steve Morgan, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons


Boston 'T' (Subway)

Boston 'T'
PC: Steve Wilson via Wikimedia Commons


S-Tog (S-Train)

S-Tog A Line
PC: Me!


Lokalbanen to Hilleroed
PC: Magnus Manske (?) via Wikimedia Commons

Copenhagen Bus (Movia)

Copenhagen Bus
PC: Leif Jørgensen via Wikimedia Commons

Copenhagen Metro

I love the Copenhagen Metro. I'm sure it has its issues and all that, but since the Metro is driverless, you can sit at the front of the train and stare out. I did feel kind of bad once when a father and his kid had to sit in the row behind me because I was in the front row, so I now sit in row two or three instead.
Copenhagen Metro Train
PC: Gadgetbox via Wikimedia Commons


I was a kid when I went to Paris for the first time, so I don't remember too much about riding around on the Paris Metro. Apparently we actually got to ride on some 'trains' with the rubber tires, but I definitely didn't care about things like that as a kid. You can see what the rubber tires looked like in the Paris Metro photo below. They turned out not to be very smooth and generated way too much heat for the sections in tunnels.

Paris Metro

Paris Metro MP89 with Rubber Tires
PC: Pline via Wikimedia Commons

United Kingdom

I probably won't remember to update this page if Scotland leaves the UK following Brexit, so I'm sorry if Edinburgh is in this section incorrectly.

London Underground

London Underground Farringdon Station
PC: Mattbuck via Wikimedia Commons

London Bus

All of the busses in the greater London area are privately owned, although Transport for London (TfL) still manages the system. I do not remember which private operator we had, but riding on a double decker bus is always fun.
London Double Decker Bus
PC: Felix O via Wikimedia Commons

Lothian Bus (Edinburgh)

I couldn't find an exact picture of the bus I took, but it was the same company as the one below when I was getting to the airport in Edinburgh.
Lothian Bus in Edinburgh
PC: Siufaiho (?) via Wikimedia Commons


To be honest, I have no idea which train line we took since my high school girlfriend was taking me around, but it looks like ScotRail operates most of the local train lines.
ScotRail Train
PC: Pencefn via Wikimedia Commons


I did not have the best experience with Deutsche Bahn in Germany.

Deutsche Bahn Regio DT

PC: DB Regio DT via Wikimedia Commons

Stadtwerke Marburg: Stadtbus (Public Bus in Marburg)

Public Bus in Marburg
PC: Martin Hertzberg via


Strætó Bs (Bus in Reykjavík)

Talking to some Icelanders when I visited in 2016, even though the bus covers most of Reykjavík, the ridership levels are too low to justify higher frequencies, which means that car ownership is really still necessary if you want to 'live well in Reykjavík'. I will say that the bus left late, and announced every stop out loud even though the length of the Icelandic names meant the intercom could not keep up with the stop we were actually at.
Strætó Bs Outside Reykjavík
PC: Richard Eriksson via Wikimedia Commons


Nor-Way Bussekspress (Intercity Bus)

Norwegian Intercity Bus
PC: Øyvind Berg via Wikimedia Commons

Cape Town, South Africa

Minibus Taxi

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good Wikipedia picture of the Cape Town minibus taxis, so this one is from Cape Town Magazine. While incredibly useful for getting around quickly and efficiently, I would recommend getting a resident to explain how to ride on to you before getting in.
Cape Town Minibus Taxi
PC: Dudu Luthuli (?) via Cape Town Magazine

Western Cape Metrorail

Western Cape Metrorail
PC: Dewet (?) via Wikimedia Commons

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