HTTPS Finally!

For anyone who actually reads this, you may notice the little lock that is up in the corner of your URL bar next to the website name. Thanks to the wonderful Let's Encrypt project, this site now uses HTTPS. They're about to switch to a new link over at the EFF under a different name, so the link may not work for long. I still have some more work to do with iptables, but now you know when you browse this site that you are actually browsing my site and nobody is impersonating it (as if).

More important for me is that now when I log in to write new posts, I don't send my password in plaintext (I can finally work somewhere other than home over VPN!). Sure, this website barely even has a threat profile since there is nothing even remotely sensitive stores on it, but it is still bad practice. This took far more time than I really want to admit because iptables was blocking port 443, but everything seems to be in order now on Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge on my computer running Windows 10. Please let me know if you are having any difficulties.

For anyone who wants to get set up, I mostly worked through this guide from Digital Ocean (my server host), but you should definitely be comfortable with a command line interface before you begin. Also, the website won't even let IE6 connect anymore. If that affects you, I am deeply sorry for a whole lot of reasons.