Common Misconceptions

So I decided that part of my problem with not posting comes from trying to write long posts. I had several posts that I had started and never quite finished, so I'm going to try some short posts and see if I can get in a better groove with a bunch of tiny tidbits.

Many people probably saw this over on IFLScience, but I thought this was pretty cool. David McCandless made up this nice chart of common myths. A few of these were things I still remember learning back in grade school, like the fact that there are not actually different sections for taste on the tongue. A teacher back in third or fourth grade made us touch different tastes to different 'regions' and most of the kids (myself included) got them wrong. There are some where I wish he had quoted the source somewhere, like for the goldfish having three month long memories.

Also, the chart has "Evolution is a 'theory'" as a myth, and although it makes a good point that most extensively tested ideas in science are theories (like gravity), it is not a myth since evolution is actually a theory. Maybe best to take it with a grain of salt, but I hope you enjoy.